Weekly report #7: The best of the week

1. More trades, more liquidity


We’re so excited to see the pDEX grow! Thanks to all liquidity providers for contributing to the world’s first privacy DEX.

2. New pairs on pDEX

Hey BAND, WTC and WABI holders — welcome to the pDEX! Liquidity has been added for the first trading pairs. Feel free to contribute to the existing pools and earn trading fees, or list an entirely new pair of your own. And trade, of course 🙂

3. Buy BTC anonymously…. offline

Are Bitcoin ATMs safe? Well.. they’re certainly not private. Here’s Grant showing you how to stay safe with Incognito when you buy crypto offline:


4. Happy Lunar New Year!

For all our friends that celebrate the Lunar New Year — hope you had a good year of the pig, and let’s hope the year of the rat is even better! Our Asia team (GMT+7) will be offline on Jan 24, but the wonderful Jamie will be around to take your questions in the Europe timezone (GMT+1).

There will be no official support this coming weekend, but the team will drop in and out where possible.

Thanks everyone for your support, and happy new year!

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