Weekly report #5: a 2019 retrospective

How has 2019 been for you? Thank you for spending a little time with us.

This year, we built a product that people use. That in itself is incredible, and a sign that maybe we’ve stumbled upon something that people really want, in an industry that sometimes feels confused.

In November 2019, Incognito said hello to the world. Since then, there have been 122,000 anonymous transactions. 1,200,000 blocks produced. 700 nodes online. 30 community-created trading pairs. 16,000 completely confidential trades.

It’s been really hard, but also pretty great. We screwed up — and you guys were patient. We had successes — and you guys celebrated with us. Thank you for being wonderful.

We’re optimistic for 2020. We’re a little older, a tiny bit wiser, but still foolish enough to take the moon shot.

From all of us here at Incognito, we hope you have the best year ahead.

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