The Best Bitcoin Wallet App in 2020

Choosing a good crypto wallet to send bitcoin is never an easy task. This article will help to figure out the best Bitcoin wallet app for you.

The best Bitcoin wallet app is the one that best fits your purpose.

Why should you use the best bitcoin wallet app to send bitcoin?

Many users imagine that a bitcoin wallet is the same as a physical wallet. However, a digital asset wallet is more than just a ‘wallet’. It’s not only storing your funds but also the tool to send and receive your coins. 

Furthermore, some multi-function wallets provide you with so many activities for your crypto assets, such as staking POS coins, trading, and even lending. In this way, your wallet becomes a bank account, asset management service, and a device to connect you to the rest of the crypto-verse.

Clearly, you shouldn’t use a low-security wallet to store your funds, or a non-transparent wallet to receive and send bitcoin. If you want to trade coins instantly, access assets from anywhere, and protect your personal data, using a wallet from a brand new provider without a strong reputation is not ideal. 

With this in mind, a bitcoin wallet of your choice must be the best existing wallet on the market. 

If privacy is your concern, you must use the best anonymous Bitcoin wallet app. 

If functions are your priority, the best multi-feature Bitcoin wallet app is a good choice.

In short, your purpose determines the best app to use. As a rule, always choose the best Bitcoin wallet app to protect your funds and optimize the usability of your crypto assets.

A good Bitcoin wallet will help you explore the crypto-verse impactfully.

In the next section, let’s figure out the best fit for your selection criteria.

The Best Bitcoin Wallet App in 2020

Before starting the list of the best Bitcoin wallet apps, we have to agree that there is no perfect Bitcoin wallet. Every wallet has its own pros and cons, and sometimes one’s disadvantage is another’s advantage. 

You must weigh the important criteria and be selective about the best crypto wallet for your specific circumstances. Below, I’ll suggest different criteria and the best option for each one. 

Best crypto wallet app to use online: Trust Wallet

Owned by Binance Exchange, which is considered one of the most popular crypto exchanges nowadays, Trust Wallet is the multi-function wallet that you are looking for.

It’s a software wallet that you can access from many devices, such as desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. The wallet is a good choice if you want a digital asset wallet to trade instantly, transact coins with low fees and high speeds, or have access to a dApp explorer. 

Best fit for:

Trust Wallet is the best Bitcoin wallet app for those who want to explore the colorful variety of the crypto-verse. Due to its flexibility, you can access your favorite coins (Bitcoin, anonymous cryptocurrencies, non-anonymous cryptocurrencies) and tokens wherever you go, whenever you want.

Not suitable for:

Trust Wallet isn’t ideal for those who are concerned about privacy and security. You must trust the wallet provider to not track down your transactions and identity. 

And that is the reason why you should find a wallet that helps you to obscure your transaction history.

Best app to send and buy crypto anonymously (especially Bitcoin): Incognito Wallet

Based on the idea of incognito mode, the Incognito project aims to build privacy sidechains for every blockchain. One of their products – The Incognito Wallet – is designed to turn all your coins and tokens into a privacy version. For instance, your bitcoin can be easily swapped to privacy bitcoin (pBTC) and then you can transact it without anyone knowing, in complete anonymity. It’s also just one click to switch pBTC to regular bitcoin and use them as usual.

The Incognito Wallet is the best Bitcoin wallet app to send coins anonymously.

Although sending Bitcoin anonymously is the most outstanding advantage, Incognito Wallet still has other awesome features such as staking coins, issuing your own privacy token, and a pDEX exchange.

And by the way, the Incognito Wallet is free to download. It’s available on both iOS and Android, and also has a Chrome extension. With that, you can use the wallet on any internet-connected device.

Best fit for:

Incognito Wallet is the best choice if privacy is your priority. If you want to receive and send bitcoin confidentially, this wallet is worth considering.

Not suitable for:

The idea of the anonymous crypto wallet is new in the crypto space. Incognito Wallet is not really suitable for those who don’t accept new things and are used to their old wallets.

Best Bitcoin app for Android: Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

Mycelium is the most popular Bitcoin wallet app for Android. It allows users to send and receive bitcoin and keep complete control over their assets. 

The wallet has strong protection methods such as cold storage and encrypted PDF backups, allowing you to protect your funds from cyber risks. Mycelium Wallet also has a local trading marketplace for you to buy and sell bitcoin in-app.

Best fit for:

This wallet is the first call if you are looking for a high-security wallet app. Thanks to its various protection methods, the wallet enables many security layers for you to choose from

Users can secure the wallet with a PIN, watch-only addresses, and a private key imported for secure cold-storage integration. 

Not suitable for:

High security is the advantage and also the disadvantage for this wallet. Beginners who are new to cryptocurrency may find it difficult to set up the wallet and enable all the security functions.

Best Bitcoin app for iPhone: Bread Wallet

Bread Wallet is a digital Bitcoin wallet available as an application for iPhone and iPad. Its friendly interface allows beginners and non-technical users to operate it easily. 

No signup is required and Bread connects directly to blockchain networks, not the wallet’s servers. As a result, you are in total control of your coins.

Trusted by 2 million users in over 170 countries, Bread Wallet has been long considered as one of the most popular Bitcoin apps on the market.

Best fit for:

This Bitcoin wallet app is the best suited for beginners and non-technical users. Getting started and creating an account is very simple without KYC requirements. Bread Wallet also provides users with the ability to buy coins directly.

In short, it’s the best tool to get started in the crypto sphere.

Not suitable for:

Bread Wallet focuses on Bitcoin and some main cryptocurrencies. It doesn’t support a wide range of altcoins as many other wallets do.

Best Bitcoin wallet app in the USA: Coinbase Wallet

California-based company Coinbase is one of the most reputable blockchain firms in the USA. Its exchange platform gets licenses from the USA watchdog, which is considered a very hard task. 

If you are a US citizen, give Coinbase Wallet a try.

Therefore, the Coinbase Wallet is believed to be one of the best high-security and trustworthy wallets on the market these days. If you are a US citizen, you can buy and sell coins directly with your bank account, which is not usually seen in many crypto assets wallets.

Best fit for:

This wallet should be the first choice for US citizens. You can connect your bank account and credit card to the wallet in order to trade coins directly. Coinbase Wallet is also a user-friendly and highly secured platform for beginners.

Not suitable for:

Coinbase is not suitable for those who take privacy as their concern. Because it’s a US-based firm, the company must report to the US government. It may not harm your funds at all, but your identity is being tracked and you have no privacy in front of the watchdog’s eyes.

Best Bitcoin wallet apps: Other top picks Wallet is a familiar name in the cryptocurrency world. With a good reputation, Blockchain Wallet has become a favorite choice of many users. 

Blockchain Wallet helps you to create a unique digital assets wallet because it is non-custodial. This means that only you hold the private keys that control access to your crypto. The app also has exceptional security, preventing your information from prying eyes.

Cobo Wallet

Cobo Wallet mainly focuses on the staking feature. It supports staking for many POS coins such as TRON (TRX), Tezos (XTZ), Vechain Thor (VET), NEO (NEO) and others. The wallet also provides you with masternode voting, which is necessary for POS holders.

In short, Cobo is an all-in-one crypto wallet app for you to use and invest in digital assets, especially for POS coins.

Final thoughts on the “Best Bitcoin Wallet App”:

Choosing the right Bitcoin wallet means choosing the right path to get into the crypto space. A good and suitable crypto wallet app will help you optimize the usability of your digital assets.

With this in mind, whichever wallet you use, it must be the best fit for you. Whether you choose high security or privacy-preserving features for your Bitcoin wallet app depends on your priorities and criteria.

Finally, you should not just rely on the security mechanism of the wallet itself. Self-protection is never outdated on the chaotic Internet.

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