Send Bitcoin Without Anyone Knowing: How to do it?

Many people want to buy Bitcoin but they’re concerned about their privacy and would like to send bitcoin without anyone knowing. This tutorial will show you how!

How to buy and send Bitcoin without anyone knowing

Why is it better to send Bitcoin without anyone knowing?

There are many different reasons why it’s important to stay anonymous when buying and sending crypto around the web. The problem with Bitcoin transactions on many blockchains  is that they’re not completely anonymous because everything is recorded on a publically shared global ledger. 

Once a Bitcoin exchange requests identifiable information such as a utility bill, or an email address, your real identity is out there for hackers to exploit. Combined with the information available on a public ledger, they can track every movement of your Bitcoin , as well as knowing who you are and how much you have. This is why more and more people want to know how they can get Bitcoins without using an ID or how do I send bitcoin anonymously.

Thankfully, there are ways to buy and send bitcoin without having to do either of those things and. it’s pretty easy once you know how. 

Here are 5 incredibly easy ways to send bitcoin without anyone knowing:

The top 5 options to send Bitcoin without anyone knowing

  1. LocalBitcoins – Send Bitcoin anywhere

If you’re looking to send Bitcoin without anyone knowing then the easiest way would be to buy Bitcoin in cash and in person.

Use LocalBitcoin to find someone who is willing to sell Bitcoin for cash close to your physical location.

Local Bitcoin has on-the-ground buyers and sellers in nearly 13000 cities around the world. You can either meet up with them and pay cash, send the money through PayPal, Skrill or Dwolla or arrange to deposit some cash into their bank account. 

The site upholds the anonymous nature of Bitcoin and does not ask for any verification details. However, some users might ask for proof of ID as per KYC and AML regulations.

The site is an efficient and reliable escrow system with an excellent security set up. It has a two-factor authentication system, encrypted with HTTPS protocol that comes with a Login Guard and they send frequent SMS and Email alerts to users. The site also has an excellent white hat program, which is a great opportunity for all security researchers.


LocalBitcoin allows the user to buy Bitcoin without verification and also supports a wide variety of payment methods. The site is easy to work with and also upholds users’ privacy and security.


The transaction fee. Sellers are able to set the transaction fee they want, which in some cases might be rather high. Buyers must also be careful when meeting up with a seller in-person, especially if they’re paying in cash.

2.Incognito – An incredible option to send, buy and store your Bitcoin anonymously

In the digital world, the line between people’s public and private lives has blurred quite considerably. Incognito have come in to help their users take back control of their privacy and offer one of the best services that allows users to buy cryptocurrency without verification of identity.

Incognito’s privacy sidechain can be attached to any blockchain in order to conduct confidential asset transfers. As the Incognito sidechain runs parallel to the main blockchains, it allows  for secure two-way transfers of crypto assets whenever privacy is needed. Users can send, receive and store cryptoassets in total anonymity. 

Incognito is an incredible option to save your Bicoin

The Incognito wallet is available on iOS, Android and has a Chrome extension. Users hold their own keys and sign all transactions locally. High-performance zero-knowledge proof generation has been implemented on the client side, resulting in a fast, secure, privacy-first experience. In addition, you can run either a virtual or physical node to earn block rewards or even issue your own privacy coin in just a matter of moments. 

Why Does Incognito create privacy for users? 

Simply because not everyone is comfortable with letting the world know just how much BTC or ETH they have or whether they have just bought USDT or not. Incognito offers a solution to the issue of privacy while not losing the core principles of a blockchain.

The Incognito network maintains a ledger and records all the transactions to ensure transparency. However, to ensure anonymity and through the utilization of zero-knowledge proofs, every transfer using private mode will not show the amount sent or received and will obscure the identities of the two parties. 


Users can store, buy and send bitcoin anonymously. No one can view your wallet balances or track your activity and you. can turn all your coins and tokens into privacy versions. 


Not many people know much about Incognito yet.

3.Bitcoin ATM – Do you have anyone near you?

Another way to buy and send Bitcoin anonymously with cash is to go to your nearest Bitcoin ATM.

Buying via ATM is probably the best way to buy and send Bitcoin without anyone knowing. 

You can use the Bitcoin ATM map to guide you to your nearest Bitcoin ATM, from there the Process is pretty simple: 

Once at an ATM, you scan the QR code of your Bitcoin wallet address. You will receive your Bitcoin at this exact address. In some cases, the machine will generate a paper wallet for offline storage.

Next, you might be asked to scan your fingerprint. Any other verification completely depends on the configuration of the ATM itself, which differs with different manufacturers.

Once you’re verified, enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to purchase (you can also enter the amount of fiat currency you want to spend). Finally, you just need to insert the cash and wait for a few seconds until your Bitcoin is delivered to your wallet address. 


Buying Bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM is a simple and reliable method. User’s privacy is preserved and you do not need to depend on another party or seller. 


You will be charged a fee between 5% to 10% by the ATMs, which is the cost of complete privacy. There are limits on transactions that differ with different manufacturers, plus not everyone has a Bitcoin ATM nearby.

4.Coinmama – A good option for sending Bitcoin with a  credit card

Coinmama is a solid choice, even though the site requires some level of verification. The site was launched in 2013 and serves over 219 countries, as well as the majority of US states. The site has not yet implemented its own wallet, hence Bitcoin is stored in the address provided by you.

Currently, Coinmama mostly supports credit or debit card payment to buy Bitcoin. However, they have SEPA transfers enabled, so users can transfer money from their European bank accounts.  

Coinmama does not ask any ID verification for transactions up to $150. However, users who want to buy more can refer to the process below:

Level zero – you are asked to provide your phone number, ZIP/Post code, city and State/Region to spend up to $150 on Bitcoin.

Level one – you are asked to submit your ID or Driver’s license for purchases of up to $10,000 worth of Bitcoin.

Level two – you are asked to submit government issued proof of ID along with other forms of ID verification. Users may also need to submit their passports in order to spend up to $50,000 on Bitcoin.

Level three – this is the highest level of verification, where the user has to provide face-to-face verification that is approved by a notary or a lawyer. This allows users to spend up to $1,000,000 on Bitcoin.


Coinmama has a simple, user-friendly interface and supports a variety of debit and credit card payments, which some other platforms do not support. Users are able to buy up to $150 worth of Bitcoin without any verification. The site also offers an excellent referral program.


Coinmama does not allow you to sell Bitcoin and updates to the site can be infrequent.

5.Bitquick – Buy your coins with cash

Bitquick is also worth considering if you want to send bitcoin anonymously. 

Bitquick acts as an excellent escrow system and operates in a few different countries and 49 US states. It supports three fiat currencies – US dollars, Canadian dollars and Euros.

Users are not asked to submit any proof of ID for trading. Instead, a PIN is created by the seller which allows them to accept, modify or cancel each order. Buyers might be asked to provide a photo ID.

Bitquick does not charge any fee for withdrawals. However, a 2% fee is levied on the buyer rather than seller, like most other sites. All exchange rates are set by the seller and are subject to additional bank charges.


Bitquick is a reputable site with a simple user interface. The services offered are fast and reliable and it is a well-built escrow system.


The exchange rates are set by the sellers, so could be high. The site is pretty much only used in the US and supports only three fiat currencies.

Each method listed above comes with a varying level of risk and has its own pros and cons, so make sure you research all of your options before deciding on which you think is the safest approach. I hope this guide helps you in your quest to store, buy and send bitcoin without anyone knowing. It’s time to go and get yourself some Bitcoin!


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