Weekly report #3: New pDEX pairs, a privacy coin competition, and more.

As promised, here are your most important updates in one place:

1. New pairs on pDEX

pDEX is growing! Here’s a complete list of available pairs right now:










2. ^ Don’t see a pair you like? List your own.

As a liquidity provider, you’ll get list any pair you like (no listing fees!). You’ll also be able to set prices, earn trading fees, and shape the direction of the world’s first privacy DEX.

Learn how to be a liquidity provider here

3. NEO goes Incognito

Incognito and NEO have paired up to build privacy mode for NEO’s 2,000,000+ users and their active developer community.

Read more about Incognito mode for Neo’s smart economy

4. Privacy coin awards are live

It’s simple: create innovative, widely transacted coins — and win prizes!

Click for more details

5. SDK is here, and developer grant applications are open

Want to build your own privacy-protecting app? Get a grant to make it happen.

Check out what’s already being built, or snag a good idea from the community

6. Private payroll is coming

We’re super excited for this use case. More and more distributed teams are adopting crypto payrolls to save on bank fees and cut down on international transfer times. However, salary details are sensitive, and the public nature of such transactions can be troublesome.

So.. here’s a sneak peek of Incognito Payroll

7. Update on official support hours

Since you’re here, we also want to take the opportunity to update you on our official support hours. Starting next week, we’re on 24/5 support (all day, all timezones, Monday to Friday). As the support team expands, so will our hours 🙂

Chat soon,

– Incognito

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