Weekly report #2: November highlights

Dear friends,

Hi! I’m Andrey. I handle biz and outreach at Incognito. It’s been awesome getting to know some of you guys a little better over the past few months.

This week, I wanted to share a quick recap of November – it’s been hectic, to say the least – in the best possible way!

Since the mainnet launch, here are the highlights:

1. Incognito pDEX went live

After many stress and automation tests to ensure the integrity of the system – the Incognito pDEX is live!

Meet the first completely private, cross-chain, decentralized exchange (pDEX). Just tap the little pDEX icon at the bottom of your app to browse trading pairs and check it out!

The first pairs are:

Learn how it works and how to use it

Dive into the tech behind the market-making mechanism

2. Digital Cash is here: Privacy + Freedom + Stability

Incognito has paired up with e-commerce retailer Autonomous to offer their customers a completely new way to pay.

Introducing: Pay Incognito – the very first privacy-focused crypto-commerce experience. For a limited period, users will be able to snag smart gadgets and workspace products for up to 75% off, starting December 4th.

Buy cool products anonymously on Autonomous

Read more about Pay Incognito and digital cash here

3. Now anyone can stake – join a staking pool

Courtesy of the guys over at myconstant.com, any PRV holder will now be able to join a staking pool to multiply their PRV by 100% APR. This means you don’t need to have the full 1750 PRV, own a Node device, or possess any technical know-how to start earning staking rewards.

There’s already been more than 30,000 PRV deposited to Constant staking pools. Interest is paid out every 30 minutes, there are zero fees – and you get to withdraw anytime!

Stake PRV with Constant here

4. Shipped 300+ Node devices to happy homes

First batch down, second batch shipping – third in progress! We’ve absolutely loved receiving your videos and feedback. Don’t stop now:

Join the unboxing challenge to win free devices + some swag

5. 500+ validators on the network

That’s 16 x the number of Incognito nodes at mainnet launch. Thanks to all our founding Nodes and early device adopters – thanks for the vote of confidence, thanks for telling your friends, and thanks for helping us build a stronger and more robust network.

6. Partnerships with Harmony & TomoChain

We’re glad to announce that Incognito is collaborating with Harmony and TomoChain to deliver privacy for their communities. The response has been wonderful – turns out people do care about privacy 😉

Check out how to send #ONE privately


See how to send #TOMO privately


7. SDK is here and grant applications are open


Ready to build your own privacy-first applications?

Check out the SDK

Client: https://github.com/incognitochain/sdk/tree/papp-client-sdk
Backend: https://github.com/incognitochain/sdk/tree/master

Sample App: Dice Roll
Client: https://github.com/incognitochain/sdk/tree/rolldice-client-papp
Backend: https://github.com/incognitochain/sdk/tree/rolldice-backend-papp

We’re currently working on a publishing flow. For now, to publish your pApp, just email the url/title to [email protected].

Get funding to build your Incognito app:

Learn more about Incognito DAO grants

What’s up next

We’ve got some pretty cool projects in the pipeline. Here are two we’re super excited about:

– Coin awards will go live on 9 December 2019. Prizes will be given out to Incognito tokens that help increase network activity, add eyeballs, and boost traffic. We’re currently designing the program, so please give us your comments here.

– Portal is scheduled to be released in the coming quarter. Portal is a general bridge design that connects Incognito to any number of blockchains, allowing for secure two-way transfers of crypto whenever privacy is needed. Check out the tech overview here.

That’s it from me (for now!)  For more deets, connect with us on telegram.

Till next time,


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