Incognito launches Mainnet v.0

The world’s first platform for privacy tokens is officially live.

1 wild year, 12,000+ commits, 1M+ lines of code, 14 public Github repositories, 700+ nodes, and 3000+ wallet downloads later – the mainnet is finally here.

If you’re just joining us, welcome! Incognito is the very first platform for privacy tokens – an open-source, self-funded project that hopes to tackle one of the biggest threats to the crypto space. Incognito is not a privacy token. It’s an entire mode. 

Anyone can now turn on incognito mode for their favorite coins, to privately send, receive and store their BTC, ETH, BNB and more. Anyone can now issue their own privacy tokens in under a minute, and build their own privacy-focused applications on the Incognito Chain. The mainnet launch brings us one step closer to delivering privacy by default, for our new economy and for the new decentralized web.

What you can expect from Mainnet v.0

Introducing: v.0. You’re here at the beginning! It won’t be perfect, but it’ll be pretty cool. At this stage, every transaction made, every wallet created, every node run, every app built, every coin issued – is foundational in building a system designed to support privacy for the world.

There are multiple ways to go incognito. We hope you’ll be among the first to explore these possibilities at their genesis. 

1. Privately send, receive and store your crypto:

2. Issue your own privacy coin with a couple of taps:

3. Run a node and earn block rewards:

4. Bonus: coming soon, the first ever privacy DEX

Found something you love? Something you’re not so keen on? Spotted a bug? A glitch? Please give us lots of feedback so we can keep building something people want.

Here’s a quick look at what we’re working towards.

Mainnet v.1 and v.2


What's up next for Incognito


We’ll keep you updated every step of the way. If you have suggestions, requests, or wild ideas – we’d love to hear them. Build Incognito with us!

Now, some admin.

Have testnet staking rewards to swap?

Hey Founding Nodes – we made it! Thanks for your never-ending patience and support. Here’s how we’ll swap your earned testnet PRV for mainnet PRV.

The swap ratio is 1:1. Please note that only earned PRV will be swapped – this does not include free PRV sent for staking purposes.

As most of you will know, every time a reset was performed, your balances were reset to zero, but all earned coins were ‘captured’ throughout the entire testnet period. We’ll now be crediting them to you. You’ll be receiving those soon, but for your reference, here’s a sheet detailing your PRV, pBTC, pBNB earnings.

You don’t have to do anything – we’ll take care of it. If you’ve misplaced your wallet, however,  or if your address still begins with 1UV, please re-install the latest version of the app, generate a new address (new ones begin with 12), and fill in this form.

Keep an eye out for messages from @peter_incognito and @annie_incognito. They’ll be reaching out to you directly to confirm your wallet address before we send out mainnet tokens.

Thanks again for being kind, supportive, and excellent human beings.

Waiting on airdrop rewards?

Distribution has begun!

1. 1. Make sure you have confirmed and updated your mainnet wallet address by filling in the form. You do not need to send your new address to the bot.

2. Please do so BEFORE 15 NOVEMBER.

3. To avoid loss of funds, no tokens will be sent to you until your wallet is confirmed.

4. Please join the Telegram support group if you have any questions.

5. If you have already filled in the form and updated your address, please be patient. We need to verify every address. You will get your tokens asap.

Ready to go incognito?

All new wallets will come with 1 PRV to start, so you can explore the mainnet for free. If you already have a wallet, just update your app and 1 PRV will be sent to you too. This will cover fees for a good number of transactions. 

Now you can 1) deposit your BTC, ETH, BNB, ERC20 and BEP2 tokens to turn them into privacy tokens, 2) withdraw privacy tokens back to their native blockchains, 3) send and receive and store any token privately, 4) issue your own privacy token, 5) and more. 

What will you do first?

Download the Incognito Wallet to start: iOS | Android

Learn more:

Join us on telegram: @incognitochain @incognitonode

Send us an email: [email protected]

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