Lunch Money: Add Privacy to your ERC20 Project

Lunch Money is an ERC20 project that rewards people for leaving feedback when they eat out. Hundreds of reviews have already been submitted, and starting now, users can choose to receive Lunch Money rewards privately using Incognito. 

What is Lunch Money?

Lunch Money rewards people for leaving feedback on a restaurant experience. Here’s how it works:

  1. When you visit a restaurant, make a mental note of your experience and snap a photo of your receipt.
  2. Head to and click ‘Post your feedback.’
  3. Rate your dining experience and upload a photo of your receipt.
  4. Enter your Ethereum account address to receive LMY, Lunch Money’s proprietary ERC20 token
  5. Click submit, and you’ll receive LMY after your review is approved.
  6. Trade LMY for dozens of popular cryptocurrencies on an exchange.

Why is Lunch Money choosing to go Incognito?

As the ERC20 ecosystem gets more attention from governments, regulators and mass media, customers are demanding privacy solutions. Lunch Money needed a way to offer customers the same LMY rewards, but in a completely anonymous way.

Incognito is a sidechain with advanced security features like Zero Knowledge Proofs and Ring Signatures. Any ERC20 token can be ‘ported’ to Incognito through our secure bridge. When you ‘deposit’ one LMY to Incognito, we mint one pLMY (‘privacy LMY’) and send it to your account. You can send it to another account or exchange it on pDEX with 100% anonymity.


The Lunch Money team identified three different approaches to integrate their ERC20 token with Incognito: 

1. Deposit LMY from Ethereum directly to users’ Incognito accounts

The simplest way for customers to claim LMY rewards privately is to leave feedback using a temporary ‘Deposit’ address from Incognito. 

  1. Users add LMY to their Incognito wallet by clicking ‘Add coins to your list’ and searching for LMY.
  2. Users open Privacy LMY in their wallet and click ‘Deposit’. They’re given a temporary ERC20 address that will forward all deposits to their Incognito account. 
  3. Users enter this address on the Lunch Money website to have their rewards deposited directly into their Incognito wallet.
  4. After receiving Privacy LMY, they can withdraw it to an Ethereum wallet, or exchange it for crypto on the pDEX.

2. Send pLMY directly on Incognito

For a simpler user experience, Lunch Money can deposit a large amount of LMY to Incognito and send it directly to users. In this case, users leave their Incognito Address instead of their Ethereum address.

3. Make your website a pApp

For the most seamless experience, integrate advanced privacy features directly to a DApp using the Incognito SDK. This will allow the site to interact with users’ Incognito wallets directly when viewed through the pApps tab of the Incognito Wallet. 


Lunch Money needed a way to distribute their ERC20 tokens anonymously with a high level of security and the best possible user experience. By adding support for Incognito, they are able to turn LMY into a Privacy Coin that customers can receive, send and exchange with 100% anonymity – without adding a line of code to their website.

If you’re a business that’s using ERC20 tokens, you can do the same thing now. Visit to learn more about Privacy Coins from Incognito, and make sure to visit next time you have a meal on the town.

This article is part of the Incognito Case Studies series, where we spotlight projects using Incognito Privacy Coins. Incognito is not affiliated with Lunch Money in any way.

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