WTC Meets Privacy

5 February 2020 – It is with pleasure that we announce that Waltonchain’s WTC token is now available in the Incognito Wallet and on the pDEX, the world’s first truly private decentralized exchange.

Waltonchain operates in the supply chain sphere, where traceability of stock and transparency are of the utmost importance. However, the inverse is true when it comes to cryptoassets – details of balances and information related to trades are better off hidden, which is where Incognito comes in. 

We’re giving WTC holders the option of a privacy version of their token, known as pWTC, so they can transact and store their assets privately. 

To obtain pWTC, users simply need to download the Incognito Wallet, available for both Android and iOS. With it, they can deposit their WTC and exchange it for the aforementioned privacy version at a rate of 1:1 – enabling them to store, send and receive tokens under the secure veil of anonymity, so that nobody can track or trace their activity of balances. Furthermore, they can swap it back to WTC whenever they like

pWTC has also been listed on the Incognito pDEX, accessible via the Incognito Wallet. pDEX has no listing fees and allows users to: 

  • Add any WTC or any other currency pairing 
  • Supply liquidity and earn trading fees 
  • Add or remove liquidity whenever they choose

For a more comprehensive guide on trading on the pDEX, click here

The first currency pairing for WTC is already live and is with Incognito’s native coin, Privacy (PRV). The WTC/PRV pairing has had liquidity supplied by Incognito and at the time of writing, its pool size is 7,855.8411pWTC + 7,185.5291 PRV. 

To help get the WTC community on board, we’re also giving holders their first pWTC for free! Click here[link] for more details. 

About Waltonchain

Waltonchain integrates blockchain technology with the world of supply chains and logistics, creating a VLOI (Value Internet of Things) ecosystem that utilizes RFID chips to provide certifying and tracing solutions for a variety of different industries and services. WTC is the token Waltonchain uses to reward their users who help maintain their innovative network. 

About the Incognito pDEX

The Incognito pDEX is a truly anonymous decentralized exchange. Users can trade safely knowing that their balances and transaction histories are completely confidential.

pDEX is blockchain agnostic and powered by zero-knowledge proofsdesigned to deliver a privacy-first, mobile-optimized, cross-chain trading experience. pDEX is built on the Incognito sidechain which runs parallel to other blockchains to facilitate seamless 2-way transfers of crypto assets whenever privacy is needed.

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