The Incognito-Binance Chain bridge: privacy for the entire Binance ecosystem

The Binance roadmap is one of the most ambitious in the sphere – signaling leaps towards a fully tokenized economy. In the race between blockchain protocols, speed and scalability are crucial parameters by which to measure both real-world applicability and long-term sustainability. Binance Chain scores highly in both.

Privacy will be the third.

The Incognito-Binance bridge will now offer all users the choice to claim their fundamental right to privacy. BEP2 token holders will be able to traverse both chains with ease and enjoy the best of both worlds – transactional efficiency of Binance, and privacy powered by Incognito.

Enabled: confidential BEP2 transactions

Holders of BNB and all BEP2 tokens will now be able to send, receive and store their assets with complete privacy. To shield their balances and transactions, users simply need to deposit their tokens into the Incognito Wallet. They will then receive anonymous 1:1 counterparts – pBNB (privacy BNB) and all pBEP2 (privacy BEP2) tokens.

There is no longer a need to purchase a separate privacy coin – any BEP2 coin can now be a privacy coin. All pBEP2 tokens can be easily swapped back to BEP2 tokens at any time.

The Incognito team is giving the community its first taste of privacy for free. To claim your free pBNB, click here to join the giveaway.

Enable privacy for Binance using the Incognito Wallet:

Download for Android

Download for iOS 

Get instructions on how to send BNB privately here.


About Binance Chain

Binance is a powerhouse project powered by a global community, international team, and its own native blockchain, Binance Chain.

“Our vision at Binance is community-first, to increase the freedom of exchange and provide the core infrastructure services for organizing the world’s crypto…. Binance Chain is a blockchain software system where Binance is just one contributor to the project. There are many other community contributors to the project. We encourage more developers and teams to build on Binance Chain, to improve it and to grow the cryptocurrency ecosystem together.” – CZ, Binance


About Incognito

Incognito is an open-source project devoted to tackling the crypto world’s privacy problem. It is a decentralized platform for privacy tokens, powered by its own proof-of-stake sidechain that can attach to other blockchains to confidentially transfer crypto assets.  

Incognito utilizes zero-knowledge proofs optimized for mobile and achieves near-instant transaction speeds through state sharding.

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