Pay privately for Autonomous’s product with Incognito Crypto Wallet

To pay for e-commerce products, you can use normal payment methods like a credit card, bank transfer, specific payment gateway like Amazon Pay, Samsung Pay, Paypal, etc. But with the development of cryptocurrency, now you can also pay for your orders in crypto with ease. One issue, however, is that such crypto transactions are stored publicly and link directly to you.


Incognito has a mobile wallet app where you can anonymously buy, sell, send, store, and invest crypto for free. It gives you a way to engage in eCommerce without sacrificing your privacy.

But it’s not just a wallet and privacy DEX (decentralized crypto exchange). You can also invest your crypto in a liquidity pool and earn up to 9% APY for BTC and XMR, 28% APY for PRV, and up to 8% for other ETH and other cryptocurrencies. Learn How >

How can I pay with the Incognito wallet?

1. First, download the Incognito Wallet app.

2. Tap Assets


3. Click Shield

Shielding simply means anonymizing your crypto by sending it to your Incognito Wallet – Shield will protect privacy for your account and all transaction activities – no one can see what you do, who you are, and how much you have.


4. Select the currency you want to pay with

5. Send your crypto to the address shown on the screen.

6. You’ll see the crypto in your wallet in a couple of minutes.

7. You’re now ready to pay anonymously with Incognito on Autonomous.

First, copy the Autonomous Incognito Wallet address and the MEMO displayed on the Autonomous site.


Then, navigate to Send, paste the Autonomous wallet address in the field, or just scan the QR code. Remember to always input the MEMO in the MEMO field, so that we can confirm your payment.

Note: All Incognito Wallets come with a small amount of PRV to cover hundreds of transactions on the network. The buyer pays nothing, and there are no other fees.

8. Make sure all details are correct, then tap Send.

This may take a few seconds, or up to a minute to complete.

If you have any trouble at all or have questions to ask, just reach out to the Incognito support community at (for a situation related to the Incognito Wallet), or contact Autonomous at their Livechat on the website for further support about your products, payment and shipping status.

When finished, you can come back to the payment page and check your order status. Once Autonomous receives the payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

That’s all there is to it! You can now enjoy privacy with DeFi and eCommerce.

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