How to set up your Incognito pNode

Thanks for giving Node a loving home.

Let’s open the box.

Here are the bits to pay attention to:

Now, let’s get this set up.

Step 1: Select the right plug for your socket and attach this to the power adapter.


Step 2: Connect your Node to the power adapter and then plug the adapter into a power outlet.


Step 3: Bring the Node online using the app.

Download the Node app by scanning this QR code with your device.

You can also find it on the App Store or Google Play under its full name: Incognito Wallet.

Or check out this link:

Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it up! Then tap the Nodes icon at the bottom of your screen.

See that little Node on the top right? Tap it.

Then, tap on “Device”.

Give the app permission.

And follow the instructions.

Scan the QR code at the base of Node.

Enter your home WiFi details to connect Node

Click “Join” to process.

Next, please remember to back up your private key and keep it safe! Anyone who has it can access your funds. You may need it once you re-install the mobile app.

That’s it! You’re all set up. Node will start earning within 48 hours.

Connect with the community on Telegram @incognitochain, and send questions and comments our way!

For more specific or technical questions, reach the team at @incognitonode, or send us an email the good old fashioned way at [email protected]

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