How to send BNB privately with the Incognito Wallet

Right now, if you send, receive or store BNB, that’s all entirely visible on the Binance Explorer. Anyone can uncover your BNB holdings and activity with a single click. Having the choice of privacy is really important — that’s why we built the Incognito-Binance Chain bridge and a super simple mobile interface.

This article will cover how to activate incognito mode for your BNB.

For all the auditory learners out there, here’s Chris explaining how to 1) convert your BNB to pBNB, 2) send and receive it privately using the Incognito wallet, and 3) how to withdraw it back to the main Binance Chain. Remember to put your sound on — you’ll wanna hear his dulcet Scottish tones guiding you through the user flow.

Alternatively, here’s a text and picture walkthrough.

1. Get BNB

If you don’t have BNB tokens yet, the fastest way to get it is to trade it on Binance Exchange.

2. Send it to your Incognito Wallet

Think of your Incognito Wallet as your home on the Incognito Chain. Any tokens (say, BNB) that get sent here temporarily become privacy tokens (pBNB) for the duration of their stay. As long as your private tokens move only within the Incognito Chain (via Incognito Wallets), they can be sent, received and stored with complete confidentiality. Incognito also supports all other BEP2 tokens.

To turn a token incognito, simply send it to the Incognito Wallet

Deposit BNB into your Incognito Wallet to turn it private

Select deposit and enter the amount of BNB you would like to make private. Copy the receiving wallet address and paste it into your Binance wallet, or simply scan the QR code from your Binance wallet.

Once you’ve sent BNB to your Incognito Wallet, you’ll see it reflected there as pBNB. Success! Your BNB is now 100% confidential.

View your transaction history by tapping on the token

p is for private.

3. Send pBNB privately

To send BNB privately, obscuring the sender, receiver, amount and timestamp of the transaction, make sure the recipient also has an Incognito Wallet. pTokens can only retain their privacy on the Incognito Chain.

Enter the amount you want to send and the receiving wallet address. You’ll also get to pick your transaction fee and speed. Higher fees mean your crypto gets wherever it needs to go quicker. The lowest fee will be sufficient, but transactions may take a little longer.

Enter the wallet address, how much you want to send, and how fast you want it to go.

Just copy paste the address or scan the QR code from the receiving wallet.

4. Receive pBNB privately and check for privacy

The latter part is optional, but we thought you might like to see what’s going on in the Incognito explorer. Tap on the transaction ID highlighted in green to visit the explorer and check out the ‘Proof detail’ section:

No senders, receivers, or transaction amounts are visible on the Incognito explorer (or any other explorer)
A different kind of block explorer for a different type of blockchain

As you can see, the transaction is recorded on the Incognito explorer so you can verify it did take place — but the value is 0. No one can discern any identifying info, trace it to any sender or receiver, or pinpoint any details.

Here in the receiving wallet below, you can also see that pBNB was successfully received.

View your list of tokens and their balances

5. Withdraw pBNB and convert to BNB

To exit Incognito mode is as simple as entering it. All you need to do is tap withdraw, enter the amount you want to move back to the Binance Chain, and enter the receiving BNB wallet address.

To withdraw, just enter the wallet address you want to withdraw to

Tap the 3 dots at the top of your screen to access the withdraw menu

You should then see the withdrawn amount of BNB in your Binance Wallet and the transaction recorded on the Binance Chain explorer.

Leaving the Incognito chain makes your transactions public again

Any contact with other chains will be recorded on the respective explorers

Here’s the updated pBNB balance.

Your transaction status will change from pending to complete when the transaction goes through.

Give transactions a couple of minutes to go through. When the network scales, this will decrease significantly.

So really simple — that’s how you turn on incognito mode for your BNB.

6. Let us know what you think

This article was originally published earlier this year for the testnet. The Incognito mainnet is now live. We will soon release tutorials for ETH, DAI, BTC and more – but in the meantime have a go at sending and receiving testnet BNB privately!

You can download the Incognito wallet on Google Play and the App Store. Send any questions or comments our way, we love all kinds, and we’re pushing updates almost every day.

Connect with us on telegram or email us at [email protected]

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