New pair: pFTM/pUSDT is now live on the Incognito pDEX

Fantom - USDT pair

Today, we’re excited to welcome FTM to the Incognito pDEX!

All FTM holders will now be able to deposit their coins to receive privacy 1:1 counterparts (pFTM) that are tradable on the world’s first completely anonymous decentralized exchange.

Ready to trade FTM completely anonymously?

Incognito is happy to supply liquidity for the first FTM pair: pFTM/pUSDT.

That’s just the beginning! Users can also:

1) Add any pair they like
2) Supply liquidity and earn trading fees
3) Add or remove liquidity at any time

Oh, and no listing fees.

pDEX is accessible from the Incognito Wallet, available for Android and iOS.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of what it looks like to trade on the Incognito pDEX.

Incognito is also excited to give the FTM community their first privacy FTM (pFTM) for free – a little something to get started.

Just click here for giveaway details.

About Fantom

Fantom provides an advanced, fast, and secure consensus for distributed networks. They provide a mechanism that can handle high throughput with speed and bank-grade security, offering a great technical solution to the issue of scalability and a firm foundation for decentralized ledgers and apps to be built upon.

The native FTM coin is one of the most successful altcoins on the market today, backed by an engaged, vibrant community.


About the Incognito pDEX

The Incognito pDEX is a truly anonymous decentralized exchange. Users can trade safely knowing that their balances and transaction histories are completely confidential.

pDEX is blockchain agnostic and powered by zero-knowledge proofsdesigned to deliver a privacy-first, mobile-optimized, cross-chain trading experience. pDEX is built on the Incognito sidechain which runs parallel to other blockchains to facilitate seamless 2-way transfers of crypto assets whenever privacy is needed.

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