Best methods to buy Bitcoin without KYC

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to buy Bitcoin without KYC and anonymously? This article will provide you with the ultimate answers to that question.

Let’s get to know how to buy bitcoin without ID

Why you might want to buy bitcoin without KYC (ID)

You may have heard or read somewhere that untraceable transactions are often linked with illegal activities. In fact, crypto users have some legitimate purposes to stay anonymous when sending or buying bitcoins. 

The first and foremost reason for buying bitcoin without KYC ( is security. Normally, your Bitcoin transactions are recorded on a public ledger, which is viewable to anyone within the network. Although these transaction details don’t contain personal information like your email or physical address, the KYC process required for trading on a licensed exchange may expose your identity once the site is hacked. If someone gets your ID, they could use it to blackmail or harass you. 

The second reason is confidentiality. If you’re a financial investor or an employer who regularly uses Bitcoin as payment and/or investment method, you may want to buy coins anonymously. By keeping your transactions untraceable, your financial status and account balance can remain private. 

1. Buying bitcoins with cash 

There are several ways to obtain bitcoins with cash that guarantee your anonymity. 

Buy Bitcoin – In-person purchase 

Among all methods to buy bitcoin without ID, a face-to-face purchase is perhaps the most anonymous way as no one can’t find out about your buying amount, except yourself and the seller. Most individual sellers don’t ask for your ID when trading but they would want to see you in person.

You need to choose reliable sellers when buying bitcoin in-person to avoid scams or attacks

As a non-custodial marketplace, LocalBitcoins don’t hold your wallet so you could have full ownership of your assets. 

A number of websites and apps offer features that connect local buyers and sellers, namely Paxful, Mycelium and LocalCryptos. When using these tools, you don’t need to provide personal details, instead use an alias email for registration.

Bitcoin ATMs

Despite not being prevalent in some countries, Bitcoin ATMs is one of the best methods to purchase bitcoins with no ID verification. To use these machines, you need to scan your public address and deposit a certain amount of fiat currency. After that, the ATM will deliver an equivalent amount of bitcoin to your wallet. 

In some cases, if you don’t want to enter your public address or don’t have one, just select the option “don’t have an address”, then the ATM will print out a paper wallet for you. Also, you can use online maps such as Buy Bitcoin Worldwide or Coin ATM Radar to find the nearest bitcoin ATMs available.  

Bitcoin ATM is a great way to buy bitcoin without ID, however, its biggest downside is that the mark-up fee is relatively high, usually around 5-10%. 

2. Buying bitcoin on peer-to-peer marketplaces

One of the most common methods to buy bitcoin without ID is though peer-to-peer marketplaces. These online options allow you to trade fiat currency for bitcoins in anonymity by using disposable prepaid cards. 


If you’ve been into the crypto sphere for a while, you’ve definitely heard of LocalBitcoins. The site pairs up buyers and sellers on an individual basis. Then, both sides could create a deal and agree on trading terms. The payment method, whether it is Paypal or bank transfer, and the limit amount traded are set by the sellers in the first place.

LocalBitcoins is a popular marketplace for people to buy bitcoin without ID

As a non-custodial marketplace, LocalBitcoins don’t hold your wallet so you could have full ownership of your assets. 


Bisq is a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace for cryptocurrencies. As a desktop application, it is available to download and install to Windows, Linux and iOS. 

Bisq offers the privacy feature by utilising Tor and a decentralized procedure from placing and matching order to executing it. Users don’t have to worry about the risk of losing money if the site is attacked because Bisq doesn’t hold any of your assets on their server or account. Moreover, Bisq currently supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, up to 126 different tokens. Nevertheless, it may not be useful for large trade volumes. 

3. Buying bitcoin on an exchange 

Another way to buy bitcoin without ID is on decentralized exchanges. However, you may need to have some other digital tokens in order to purchase bitcoins. 


Shapeshift requires no login or registration, it simply makes a “swap” between altcoins like ETH, LTC, DASH and BTC. The process is pretty easy as you just need to select the coins you want to deposit and receive, then enter your Bitcoin address. The site also asks for your altcoin address to refund if any problem occurs to the transaction. And that’s all you have to do to purchase bitcoin without an ID.  

4. Buying bitcoin with cryptocurrency wallets

This method may sound unfamiliar with many crypto users but it indeed helps you buy bitcoin without ID. But first, you need to know a trusted seller as these wallets don’t support matching you with other traders. Then, you can use the wallet apps to make anonymous transactions. 

Incognito Wallet

Incognito is a privacy-oriented wallet for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Based on the idea of “Incognito mode”, the wallet allows you to send, receive and store bitcoins in anonymity. Therefore, your account balance and history of transactions can remain private. 

Incognito allows you to buy bitcoin without ID verification

Incognito functions as a sidechain for privacy coins and attaches to Bitcoin blockchain via a trustless portal. Through the use of smart contracts and trustless custodians, the privacy version of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is issued at a rate of 1:1. When you want to switch those tokens back to normal coins, you could do in just one tap without involving any third party. 

So how could you buy bitcoin without ID through Incognito? There are 2 options for you:

Option #1: Receive private Bitcoin (pBTC) from sellers then switching them back to BTC if needed.  

Option #2: If the sellers don’t have pBTC, they can deposit BTC to your address and these coins will automatically turn into BTC. 

With this method, both seller and buyer can keep their transactions untraceable, especially suitable for those who look to send and buy crypto anonymously


This article has introduced to you a variety of ways to buy bitcoin without KYC. Even though obtaining bitcoin anonymously may take a bit of extra cost and time, the privacy provided is totally worth it.

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